I had a personal obligation to write Laura Robinson a review based on a recent legal nightmare that she was able to assist me with at the last minute. My thoughts on Attorney Robinson….


I was in the final stages of a nightmare legal case. It was a prime example of Murphey’s Law – everything that could go wrong, went wrong…and then some! I was facing serious life altering consequences and in the final stages of a complex, multidimensional mess and Laura Robinson agreed to help me out at the 11th hour.

On the advice of a friend, and at the point of throwing in the towel, I gave it one last try and contacted Laura Robinson. And I just want to say that it has been over a month since that time, and I still cannot stop smiling and talking about just how outstanding her performance was. She definitely stands out.

I contacted her on a Thursday evening, as she was fresh out of court, and she not only picked up her phone, but talked almost 2 hours with me. She kept her word and called me later that night to discuss further, and then made time in her schedule the very next day to meet in person. She met with me for almost 4 hours reviewing case details, discussing strategy, and was quickly able to understand subtle details and point out pertinent details.

Keep in mind this was our first communication with one another.

Attorney Robinson actually LISTENED to me, gave me the HONEST truth, took the TIME to understand the facts and MY point of view, has the experience and street smarts to back it up, and her professional fee’s were more than reasonable in light of her depth of experience and high level of court performance.

With only a week till a final showdown of a court appearance, she was able to sift through 2 years of this mess, managed to bring herself up to speed, and put forth a solid strategy to untangle it.

WOW did she bring it to court that day!! She walked into court and JUST OWNED IT! She was professional, quiet yet furocious, professional yet in your face, not afraid to challenge anyone, retained composure through intense power struggles, did not back down, and was able to swiftly maneouver herself around the courtroom (while in session) getting all goals and tasks accomplished, and was still able to think on her feet to accomplish even more. It was as if she had been there for years, knowing all the players personally, and yet was her first time in that venue!!

She was able to really get her points across. Regardless of the bullying tactics or other games came being thrown at her, Attorney Robinson kept her composure, remained professional, quickly had the ability to think on her feet, and drew on her wealth of knowledge to obtain the best result possible.

Not only did she exceed my expectations in the courtroom, she has continued to provide me with excellent lawyer referrals needed in other aspects of my case. She continues to provide me with solid advice and direction, believes in me, encourages me, and is just an outstanding Attorney and human being.


Laura Robinson, Criminal Defense Attorney was EXCEPTIONAL. I would recommend her to everyone in need of a criminal defense attorney!