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Professional License Defense

Laura provides administrative defense of professional licenses which so many careers and professions require. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, real estate brokers, health care workers, contractors and daycare providers are some professions governed and licensed by the state. There are many crimes for which people are at risk for losing their professional licenses, and even if there are no criminal allegations or charges involved, there are many circumstances in which people can lose them.

It is fairly common for people to represent themselves at the administrative hearing where the government agency is trying to revoke their licenses, but don’t be lured into that mistake. There have been a number of times where I was contacted by a licensee who lost their license at an administrative hearing they thought they would win on their own. At that point, there is little that I or any lawyer could do apart from filing a motion for reconsideration.

If an Accusation is filed against you, the filer is serious about revoking your license, and the risk is real of it happening, so don’t fall into the trap of representing yourself at administrative hearings.