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Juvenile Crime

It’s unfortunate, but even kids can get into legal trouble. What’s important to recognize with children being accused of crimes, is that it can follow and affect your child for life. Young people make mistakes, but this does not mean that they should have to be haunted by them for the rest of their lives. Juveniles do not have the right to a jury trial, unless they are treated as an adult. So, having an experienced juvenile defender is of the utmost importance. Laura is sharp, tough and focused. She has a reputation for aggressively defending the rights of juveniles. Make sure to select the best juvenile defense lawyer you can find.

Common types of juvenile crimes:

  • Robbery
  • Graffiti
  • Drug possession
  • Underage consumption of alcohol
  • Assault and battery
  • Firearm possession or use
  • DUI

Your child could be tried as an adult for certain felonies.

If  your child has been convicted of a less serious crime or is younger than 16, it is likely they will not be tried in adult court. It is possible that your child could be sentenced to probation and allowed to remain in the family home. It is also possible, however, that your child could be sent to a youth correctional facility, a youthful offender camp, or have to live in a group home.

In California, there are also some cases which can cause minors to be tried as adults. Offenders who are 16 years old or older and are accused of serious crimes are at risk for this type of charge.

Types of juvenile crimes that could be tried in adult court:

  • Murder or attempted murder
  • Setting fire to a building with people in it
  • Robbery with a weapon
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping or carjacking
  • Crimes with guns

Children do not always think ahead before they act. Juvenile crime lawyers have a variety of expertise and ability. Your child’s future is in the balance. Laura is devoted to representing minors and has an intricate knowledge of the juvenile justice system. She is perfect to consult with regarding your child’s case. Juvenile cases are just as important to have the right lawyer for as adult cases. A juvenile could be on probation until they are 21 years old and their records are not automatically sealed when their probation ends.

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