Laura Robinson was hired at the very end of a long court diversion program escapade in which I had ineffective assistance of counsel and things were a chaotic mess. I called her up and she spent several hours with me on the phone, despite this being the first time we had met or communicated. He agreed to meet with me the next day, in which she spent the entire afternoon with me.

Laura took the time to learn the details of my case, and genuinely cared about me and my welfare. In the court room, he demeanor is sharp, and she has an innate ability to ask all the right questions such as to ensure that all the pertinent details will be included in the transcript, if needed for future use. She is unafraid to defend her clients and her abandon in dealing with Judges and Prosecution is definitely an asset that I have not experienced with other ‘attorney’s’ in the same area of practice.

Laura Robinson is everything, AND MORE, that she advertises of herself.
“I am dedicated to representing my clients as aggressively and effectively as possible. I have the reputation of a fighter who will pursue all legal means to provide the best defense possible. My reputation is among the most respected criminal defense attorneys in the bay area”

I would recommend Laura Robinson to everyone whom inquired. And I would even advertise for her on my own as she is just that good.